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The Ultimate 4 Wheel Cycles

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The Sidekick is our heaviest duty and most popular two passenger cycle. Capable of carrying up to 400lbs total weight. Carrier on the rear for cooler or groceries. Standard six speeds duel pedal drive. Can be electric or gas powered.

Gulf Coaster

The Gulf Coaster is another very popular kit. Lighter in weight than the Side Kick, capacity 300lbs. Built with 1" PVC and standard bike parts. Construct with or without a top. As with all kits no welding required.

Sun Coaster

The Sun Coaster is a light weight, six speed, single rider cycle. Similar to The Baja , but with chair height seating, a distinct advantage in traffic. Can be built without the top.


The Baja is our single person buggy kit and is great for a child or teen to run around the neighborhood. Think of it as a pedal drive go-kart, with out the noise.

Kids Coasters

We have two models of kids coasters.  Both are great for small children and as a project that you and your child can do together!


Photo Gallery

You will be amazed to see what others have built with our kits!